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Making the best of change

It's been most folks I've been caught up in adjusting to the new norm and trying to move forward with as much grace as possible. I frequently look at the calendar and wonder where I would be on my transcontinental run by now...I think I'd be in Utah this week, somewhere around Moab...all of the planning and preparations for that run seem like a lifetime ago at this point. Making the decision to postpone felt pretty heartbreaking until the decision was actually made and then I just felt like I needed an action plan to keep myself moving. My work closed back in March and I wasn't able to get unemployment or government funds, so I slowly went about making plans for future work that would feel more secure...and I found places to run. I found races that were canceled and went out and ran them by myself. I completed a couple 100-milers during quarantine, I cleaned the basement, I started building a new website, I cooked a lot of really good food and probably drank a little too much wine...but we made the most of our time and found adventures on the weekends that would take us away from the horrible feeling of being shut in...we turned off the news, avoided negativity and social media drama and took care of ourselves and enjoyed our time as much as we possibly could. The quarantine has been a productive and happy time for us, despite the stress of having lost income- it's only money and what really matters most is our health.

Moving forward... Realistically it'll be next year before I can reasonably start planning again for my transcon...lining up crew/drivers, rescheduling speaking engagements, reaching out again to sponsors and raising the rest of the money needed... things need to be a little more settled in our world before all of that can happen. In the mean time, if you have a made a donation, it's sitting safely in a Hope on the Run account collecting interest until this run actually happens. In the event that it doesn't end up coming to fruition, all donations will be forwarded to Cornerstone of Hope in Cleveland Ohio to help fund their counseling programs for miscarriage and early infant loss.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey and I look forward to the day when I can stand on the beach in Henlopen Delaware with 5,000 miles ahead of me on foot...

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