• Arabelle Romeo

Having weathered the storm

It’s hard for me to believe everything that has happened in the last year. Last year at this time I was preparing to launch this blog. I was still married to Matt, but we had decided to divorce during the holidays. Life quickly became a sort of limbo. I knew I was leaving Ohio when my youngest graduated high school last spring- I had always said when the kids were grown I’d move south. The first half of 2018 was spent cleaning up a mess and wrapping up loose ends. No one ever really wants to hear about a divorce. It’s never a happy subject and ours wasn’t particularly pleasant in the end, so it’s best just left in the past with the hopes that the parties involved have found peace and happiness. I can say on my end that this holds true. I moved to Georgia for a fresh start in June. I met a man named Rich who shares my passion for trail running and has played a huge role in me discovering what I’m really capable of out on those trails. We’ve spent these last 6 months running local trails and traveling to pace and crew for each other at races. Life for us is peaceful and quiet and always looking forward to the next miles. I started a new job personal training and run coaching in early fall and between co-workers and clients I’ve made some pretty wonderful new friends. Leaving my old life had its consequences financially. It’s been scary starting over from scratch in my late 40’s. I’ve had to make the tough decision to postpone my transcontinental run by 10 months to allow time for me to get my personal finances in order. I began planning the run before I knew I would go through a has had a huge impact on my plans, but I’ve learned in these last few years that we just don’t have control of much in this life and we need to be flexible and roll with the changes that come about. Admittedly, my first reaction to this was utter disappointment, but I’m finding now that the extra time is allowing me to become a stronger runner and I’m gaining a better understanding of how my body reacts to training and longer distances. Rich always says that ultra running is about problem solving- identifying the problems and coming up with a solution. Every training run and every race teaches me something new and now I have an extra 10 months to keep collecting that info and fine tuning things. Our next adventure is right around the corner and I think it’s going to be great preparation for my transcon run...we’ve registered for H9 Fierce Dragon 200-miler coming up in just a couple weeks. It’ll be a first staged race experience for both of us- 40 miles a day for 5 days. My goal on the transcon is to run 35-40 miles a day. H9FD boasts around 12,000-13,000’ of climb a day— I’m thinking if I can manage that for 5 days, I’ll be fine out there in Middle-America ;) Postponing is allowing me to get more experience in the mountains and more experience with longer distances. I have decided on a full schedule of races for 2019 with the goal in mind of experiencing different weather and terrain and figuring out what I really need to successfully make it from coast to coast. As I wrap up this year, we’re heading to my favorite local trail for one last run of 2018. I have no regrets for 2018, not even any negative feelings about it- it was a time of huge transition and growth for me and I have loved being reminded once again that even when we think things are devastating and life seems insurmountable, there can be joy right around the corner. I wish everyone a happy new year <3 

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